Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I report an issue?

You can report an issue you are facing with your My Book app via multiple channels.

Whatsapp – +974 50907270
Call – +974 44814276

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Q: How can I buy the My Book app?

Q: How can I unlock the My Book app using a VIP Key?

Q: How can I use a Promo Code to get a discounted price of the My Book app?

If you have a Promo Code from your company or from My Book, then that needs to be entered on the page where you enter your credit card details for ‘Checkout & Payment’.

Q: Where can I get the first 6 digits to unlock MasterCard membership?

If you are a Mastercard user in Qatar, you can get complementary access to the My Book app.

Q: Can I use both Debit and Credit cards for payment?

Yes it possible to use both Credit and Debit cards to pay for the My Book app

To pay by credit card, simply go to the ‘Checkout & Payment’ page of the app and enter your credit card details to pay.

To pay by Debit card, please Whatsapp our Customer Service team or call our Call Centre number.

Whatsapp – +974 50907270
Call – +974 44814276

Q: Can I purchase My Book in cash?

Yes you can purchase My Book in cash. For a cash transaction you need to pay at our customer service location and in return you will receive a VIP Key to unlock the app. To get details on how you can pay in cash and get the My Book app, please contact us via the following channels;

Whatsapp – +974 50907270
Call – +974 44814276

Like & Follow us on social media via Facebook & Instagram @MyBookQatar

Q: In how many languages is the My Book app available in?

My Book is currently available in two language options only – English and Arabic.

Q: How many offers are available in the My Book app?

My Book contains over 1500 offers from over 500 outlets in Qatar. Avail amazing 2-for-1 offers from your most loved restaurants, hotels, fast food chains and cafes, family theme parks & entertainment venues, salons, spas, health and fitness centers, staycations and much more!

Q: How many offers can I redeem at once?

Up to 4 Offers can be redeemed at one time for a group of 8 people or more.

Q: How can I redeem my offers?

Q: Where can I redeem my offers?

Offers are only redeemable with the issuing merchant and only apply to the items/services and in the location(s) specified on the Offer.

Q: What is the difference between Normal Offers and Special Offers?

Special Offers can be used multiple times during the period of their validity; however, their use is restricted to 4 times per account, per merchant, per day.

Normal offers are valid until the end of the year (Exclusion Days apply). There are limited number of vouchers as appearing on your app under each merchant. Up to 4 Offers can be redeemed at one time for a group of 8 people or more.

Q: What is a Merchant Pin?

A Merchant PIN is a unique code that each My Book Merchant has, that they enter on the redemption of any offer. This PIN is known only to the Merchant and their staff. The My Book app user does not need to know, create or enter a PIN number.

Q: Why are some offers greyed out?

Q: Can we redeem an offer more than once?

The number of the offers you can redeem depends on the number of vouchers on the app, appearing at any particular merchant. If the merchant has given more than one voucher for the same offer in the app, then you can redeem the same offer more than once. However if the merchant has given only one voucher of a particular offer on the app, then the offer can be redeemed only once.

Q: Will we get points if we share the offers?

Currently there are no points for sharing offers with friends and family on the My Book app.

Q: Do I need internet to use the app and redeem offers?

Yes being connected to the internet is necessary to view all offers on the app and to redeem the offers as well. Without internet connectivity the app cannot be browsed and no offers can be redeemed.

Q: Does My Book add outlets throughout the year?

New merchants and offers are being added every week and every month to the My Book app. Whenever you check your My Book app, you will find new merchants added, under the section ‘Recently added Businesses’ on our homepage of the app. Some of our existing merchants also add Special Offers from time to time in the app, in addition to their regular offers. You can see these additional offers under the section titled ‘Special Offers’ on the homepage of our app.

Q: Can I see my account status in the app?

If all the offers are appearing locked on your My Book app then your are either not logged in to the app or you have not purchased My Book as yet.

Q: Are all offers the same in all partner apps?

My Book has co-branded apps with many partners in Qatar. In some apps the offers may vary from those of regular My Book, based on our agreements with our partners. Some offers are only made available for the customers of our partner organisations, that may not be available on the regular My Book app

Q: Can I login again without paying, if I change my device?

Yes you can download the My Book app on a different device than the one you registered on. You will need to log in on the new device using the same phone number and password with which you originally registered on the My Book app. All your unused offers will show up one you log in.

Q: What if I accidently deleted my My Book app? Will I loose all my offers?

No. All your offers in the My Book app are secure, even if you accidently deleted the app on your phone. Simply download the app again and unlock all your offers, by logging in with your registered phone number and your password.